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Raffle info for 2022

The Out West Art Show is sponsoring a competition for the 2022 Show’s raffle and poster art. The winning artist will receive a $500 stipend for their material and be featured in ads, posters and web presence throughout the months leading up to the show. The visibility is tremendous.

Rules to apply:

  • Must be a participant of the 2022 Out West Art Show

  • Have a retail value of at least $1000

  • Be ready to display

To apply, please email your information to CHIP JONES at
Please attach up to three images in good resolution (about a meg each). Only one application per artist is allowed. Art will be presented at the main entrance during the show and raffle tickets will be sold in various locations throughout the months preceding the show and during the event.


Please email the following information to: by November 15th, 2021.

Your Name

Short Bio of yourself - 500 words or less

Up to 3 images for the jury

Retail value



Good luck in the raffle competition and thank you to all who enter.


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