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About the Young Masters Program -

A huge thank you to Meagan Blessing, Tom Gilleon, Rob Akey, D.G. House and Christy Daniels for the great workshops they gave at the 2018 Out West Art Show.


The Young Masters Art Program is the multifaceted, educational  element of the Out West Art Foundation.

The first facet of the program is geared towards area high schools. During the Out West Art Show in March in Great Falls, MT, regional high school art students arrive at the Best Western Heritage Inn to participate in hands-on instruction by one of the numerous master artists exhibiting at the Out West Art Show. Each artist instructs the students in their specialty, with all the supplies furnished by the Young Masters Program

Prior to the Out West Art Show, area high school classes participate in a Juried Art Show. Works are submitted to our sponsor Embark Credit Union, where the top twenty from the Juried Show are then displayed at the Credit Union prior to the Out West Art Show. An evening reception is held. Attendees are encouraged to vote for their favorite work. The winner of the People's Choice is honored at the end of the exhibit. The art work that was submitted for the Juried Art Show is displayed at the Out West Art Show in the Russell room. Awards and scholarships are given out during a ceremony during the Out West Art Show.

The second facet of the Young Masters Art Program involves the offering of post-graduate scholarships to high school seniors wishing to pursue a career in art education, fine arts, graphic arts and design, or architecture.  Scholarships are provided  through two funds. The Phil & Karen Korell Art Scholarship Fund is funded by annual donations from Kris and Tim Rose. This fund provides scholarships up to $2500. The Zach Babat Memorial Fine Art Scholarship Fund is funded by Carrie Babat. This fund will provide two scholarships up to $500 per year to two dimensional works only.

The final element of the Young Masters Art Program is to assist area high school art classes in their  acquisition of needed art supplies, or the assistance of professional artists visiting participating schools and teaching. The costs for these workshops is also covered by the generosity of Kris and Tim Rose. Schools may apply for matching funds assistance. It is not the intent to replace any school's art  budget, but to be in a position  to supplement, and bring a new level of focused instruction directly to the classroom.

The Young Masters Art Program is regarded as one of the most successful independent art programs in the state. With its humble beginnings in 2007 with one instructor and a single class of students, the program currently sees over 100 students a year just at the Out West Art Show. With additional sponsorships and support, the goal of achieving statewide support of art will ensure these young artists will affect the future and achieve success in their chosen art career.

The Out West Art Foundation, Inc., is a tax exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code: EIN #47-1973719.

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