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About the Young Masters High School Art Classroom Assistance Program

This element of the Young Masters Art Program allows any high school in Montana the opportunity for professional assistance with regard to purchasing additional art equipment for needed classroom art supplies, workshops for single students or entire classrooms, or to bring in professional artists to instruct classes for a given period of time. NOTE: It is not the intent of the Young Masters Art Program to supplant any school’s art budget, rather to supplement with funds to bring in new elements and opportunities related to focused art instruction.

High school art instructors may apply for the supplemental funds to assist their programs by meeting specific requirements. These requirements include, but are not limited to, additional funding for specialized supplies for classroom projects, additional funds for class attendance to seminars, transportation costs for classes to attend art related events, or equipment such as electronic drawing pads or design tools. Applications for Classroom Scholarships are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Classroom scholarship opportunities are funded in part by the generosity of the KT Rose Foundations, the CostCo UW Campaign, and Embark Federal Credit Union.




Young Masters High School Micro-Scholarship Application

Young Masters also provides “micro-scholarships” to help enhance and encourage participation in the arts. Students may apply for grants up to $200 for art classes, art materials, or other items related to their personal growth in the visual arts. Applications for Micro Scholarships are accepted on an ongoing basis.

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